We have a passion for designing beautiful tablescapes.

We create magical events for tablescapes, wedding showers, weddings, baby showers, office surprises, and picnics.

Our Mission

Aryce Designs strives to execute the client’s vision through sophistication, expertise, and reliability in table setting decor for all occasions.​

Founder & CEO

Ariel Vargas

Aryce Designs was founded July of 2010 in Bay City, TX by Ariel Vargas. Ariel chose the name "Aryce" by using the "Ar" from her first name and "Yce" from the first name of her son, Bryce.

Ariel, attended Art Institute of Houston and graduated with her degree in Interior Design. She has always had a passion for assisting with making her clients vision come to life and creating everlasting memories.

“There’s something special about gathering those you love for a meal. A delightfully set table is the perfect painting for a memorable occasion.”

Our team works hard to make your event extra special.


Creative Director

Bryce is 14 years old! His mind, thoughts, words, and actions go 100 miles per hour, but yet he is like his mom, a go getter and he knows what he wants. He helps us with the finishing touches by giving his opinion on the setups and displays which our clients love.


Assistant Director

Dakota is so much fun and has a pure heart of gold if you have not met her yet. She is always bubbly and ready to go with assisting the team with any and everything. Her mind and creativity has grown so much, it is beyond this world with what she can do for our clients. If you haven’t been able to meet her yet, we can’t wait to introduce her to you in person.



Haley is our gal that finds the best things for our business when it comes to making your surprises magical along with meeting and introducing new clients to our portfolio. Her mind, heart, and soul is beyond beautiful for anyone and everything she loves. If you haven’t met Haley yet, don’t worry, you will be seeing this beauty soon.


Lead Partner

Chris has been an Aryce Designs mentor since it was first created in 2018. He leads us with management skills and even assistance with decorating from time to time.  Chris' heart is so pure, he is always here to assist with anything that comes about.  We can always count on him for some amazing entertainment with our Duo partnership. We can't wait for you all to meet him and see his talent as well.

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